Q: This seems almost too good to be true. How can I trust it will work for me?

A: That's why we posted the clinical videos. Those aren't paid actors, as you can tell. This is certainly revolutionary technology, to be sure. The old saying, "If it looks too good to be true, it usually is.", is true enough but, the key word here is usually, but, not always. By showing the before and after videos of unhealthy conditions being remedied, one can see, for themselves, that our healing claims are not hype, but real proof. We have been astonished at the quick and miraculous results too and, we invented it. AS Arthur C. Clark once said, "Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic." and this technology is obviously sufficiently advanced. Have you ever heard of Time Reversal technology? No, because it's that new but, you can look it up on the web. It does exist. We made our own version of it 18 years ago and use it in our healing technology, and it works as evidenced by our videos.

Q: How long does the remedy last?

A: The results are permanent. Once the unhealthy conditions is remedied, it never returns, unless you re-poison yourself again, as with toxic environments, medications, etc. or you are in a stressful environment. If the conditions returns, you should inspect your diet and your environment and correct your lifestyle. Then, repeat the treatment which brought success the first time.

Q: How is this different from PEMF mats, TENS units or Rife's technology?

A: This is a unique, patented technology. It uses a proprietary composite sinusoidal signal which mimics the DNA waveform. The biggest difference is this technology employs Time Reversal technology. There is no other technology like this on the planet. Unlike Rife's method of killing the dieseased cells of the body, our technology doesn't kill anything. Our technology simply cancels out the frequency of the disease and the disease disappears and then the DNA can heal the body, naturally. Remeber, in Quantum Theroy, there is no such thing as a thing. Mass is packets of energy with resonant frequency.

Q: I live (outside the U.S.), how can I get one of your devices?

A: We have been granted a U.S. Patent. We haven't applied for an International Patent yet. Per U.S. Patent laws, a patent can't be granted if the technology was previously released to the public. We think the same is true in foreign countries. We would need to be granted International Patent Protection before we can distribute our technology to countries outside the U.S. We would love to be able to distribute this needed technology all over the planet. We just can't right now. The best we can offer is for you to come to the U.S. and get treated. Email us for appointment availability. Please understand the awkwardness of not being able to distribute this technology outside the U.S.

Q: How long does it take to resolve a health condition?

A: That varies from condition to condition. Some conditions, like Alzheimer's can take one or two treatments. Other conditions, like pain, torn ligaments and vertigo can be remedied in minutes. Still, other conditions like hyperthyroidism can take several weeks to completely remedy. One main point is any medications that are being taken. Medications slow the remediation down, like Parkinson's Disease, which can take several months to get off the medications so the condition can be completely remedied.

Q: Is it safe?

A: This technology is tested 100% safe. We have remedied heart disease even though the person had a pace maker. We have remedied severe chronic sciatica in a pregnant women. This was an interesting case worth mention. The fetus had one kidney which was malformed and not functioning at all (per sonogram results). After a 20 minute treatment, which completely remedied her sciatica, we found out a week later that both kidneys in the fetus were operating at 100% (again per sonogram results). Twelve years later, the woman is still pain free, with no sciatic symptoms and the child is, per his teachers, two levels above his class mates, bigger and stronger than his peers.

Q: Do you also do diagnoses?

A: No. You must have an accurate medical diagnosis from your doctor of your condition before we can successfully remedy your condition.

Q: Where can I get a treatment?

A: We have several doctors around the U.S. which are using our Vital-Eze and their numbers are growing. Email us (see Contact Page) and we'll help find the Vital-Eze practioner neares you. In the near future, we will have a web page for just that purpose.

Q: Why haven't you come out with this sooner?

A: We have had to be a bit cautious about releasing our technology. Apparently, the Medical and Pharmaceutical industries consider our technology to be disruptive and a threat to their industries. We can remedy conditions they have no remedy for. Our technology can fix conditions that they can't without an operation or long term medications. Our technology is noninvasive and extremely quick in comparison. No surgery is required and long term medications (with their harmful side effects) which just slow down the remediation with our technology.

But, when we heard of all the peolple suffering with all kinds of health problems, we knew we had to do something to change the insanity. So, we made ourselves known.

Q: Does this work for injuries too?

A: Yes, and extremely quickly. We completely remedied ripped and torn ligaments within 12 hours (with a return of full strength and mobility), severe lacerations within 12 hours (with no residual tenderness or scarring), dislocated knees in 3 weeks (with no medical intervention and to a return of full strength and mobility), tennis elbows in 8 minutes and broken elbows in 3 days (again with no medical intervention).

Q: Do you take insurance?

A: No, not yet. After we get FDA approval, then the insurance companies will be able to cover this technology.

Q: My pet has epilepsy. Can this work on him?

A: Yes. We've had great success treating animals too. We fixed a dog with epilepsy in two 15 minute treatments, permanently. After all, their DNA is not that much different than ours.



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