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A New Quantum Biofeedback System

To Improve DNA Frequency

And Physical Health

When You Correct The DNA Frequency,

You Correct The Body

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Having said that, in the past, we have successfully and quickly remedied the common yearly flu, the common cold (both corona type viruses) and respiratory infections. Our technology has also remedied those underlying conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, respiratory conditions, etc.,which make COVID so deadly.

We have written many emails and social media postings to President Trump, Vice President Pense and his Task Force, the Secretary of HHS, our state Senator, and our state Governor, as well as several labs requesting to be included in any clinical trial for COVID-19 but, have received no response. We're not a pharmaceutical based technology.

We were warned by a doctor who uses our technology that the FDA and FTC were monitoring for companies which made claims concerning the mitigation, treatment, remedy or cure of COVID-19. Such companies would be deemed enemies to Public Health. Hence, the disclaimer at the top of the page.

We offer an advanced Quantum DNA health technology which shows promise in the treatment and remediation of COVID-19.

Since, we have not been allowed to participate in any Clinical Trials, scientifically, WE CAN MAKE NO CLAIMS AS TO THE HANDLING, TREATMENT OR REMEDIATION OF COVID-19.


The data on the following pages on this web site will expose you to a new science. New technologies are always being invented. A new way to do this. A new way to do that. But, a new science doesn't come around often.

This is the science of the Bio-Quantum organism called life and how to address it. The data contained on the pages in this web site may seem fantastic, incredulous, miraculous, "to good to be true", "something out of Star Trek" or pure genius but, it's all pure science, provable. If any technology didn't work, would the inventor ever mention it to anyone?

We're coming out, with a new technology for sane, natural health, because it's Time.

"Any sufficiently advanced science is indistinguishable from magic."

Arthur C. Clark



Elwood 12/12/2016 - 7/12/2017

Extending Longevity?



"I would like to share my benefits I obtained with treatment for my chronic back pain also diagnosed as sciatica. I received one treatment 11 years ago, August 2006. Since then I was able to get off and stay off of prescription methadone for sciatica. I'm more productive and more involved with my family as well as friends. I'm independent with daily chores and life in general.

I believe anyone with pain would benefit from this healthy alternative and get their independence back, hence their life back.

Thank you.


Val Vindication"



For millennia, people involved with health and healing, have known of the benefits of sound and frequency. Tibetan monks have used "Singing Bowls" to heal pain and disease for centuries. Others involved in the healing arts, used certain musical tones to do the same. Those healers trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine understand that each organ in the body has its' own resonant frequency and together, the organs of the body and the whole body has its' own resonant frequency.

It wasn't until 1989 when a team of Russian scientists, who were investigating the 90% of our DNA, which was thought to be non-functioning and labeled "Junk DNA", found out that our DNA is a very sophisticated and precise bio-language. They also discovered that our DNA responds to sounds around us. That's why the Singing Bowls and musical tones work to heal people. Here's a link to their data.

These past technologies didn't change the arrangement of the DNA nucleotides, they changed the frequency of the DNA and brought the DNA back in tune, in resonance, harmoniously. This re-tuning, if you will, allowed the body's natural healing abilities to take over and heal the body. Dis-ease was returned to ease.

Vital-Eze has advanced this sonic approach to health and has invented a new, patented technology, which allows the body to heal itself remarkably fast. Vital-Eze scientists, Fiona McKenzie and Charles Richardson, discovered a new way to generate a specific frequency pattern, which mimics the DNA's frequency pattern. The DNA "sings" along but, now the DNA's "song" is in tune. That's a rough analogy of the science behind this new technology.

Our new technology is actually 18 years in the making and perfecting. Over those 18 years, our technology has been repeatedly successfully tested on many different acute and chronic conditions, illnesses, pains and injuries. Our technology is non-invasive. It is proven 100% safe, even for pregnant women and people with pacemakers, with only positive side effects. There are no supplements to take, no salves, no lights, only pure, clean DNA frequency.


Elwood, The Christmas Tree

(pictured above)

One of the positive side effects we are testing is longevity. The theory here is that if the DNA is re-tuned, then that should eliminate the cellular damage from illness and disease and thus increase the life span of the cells.

The Christmas tree above is one of our tests. Since the DNA of a human and the DNA of a plant are similar (it's only the arrangement of the nucleotides which is different), we theorized a cut Christmas tree would yield faster results than testing a human (with a much longer life span).

The picture of our Christmas tree was taken on June 8, 2017. The tree was put up on December 12, 2016. We performed one 20 minute treatment on our Christmas tree, which we named Elwood, when it was first put up. And, as can be seen, it is still green with all its' needles and smelling all piney. Our tree also still holds on to all it's needles with surprising strength. The branches which were trimmed off around the base were not treated and turned brown back in early January. So far, the results of our longevity experiment look very promising. Time will tell more.. (top)

Our Technology

The Vital-Eze (vital: of or pertaining to life; and eze: a derivative of ease), as we call our latest version, removes the dis out of disease [OR: makes the dis in disease disappear.]. Our technology creates a patented, proprietary electronic signal waveform and signal type, which mimics the waveform and signal type of the DNA frequency signal type. The DNA alters its' present distorted [unhealthy] frequency to align with the new incoming healthy frequency signal type from our Vital-Eze device and thus enables the body's own healing mechanism to heal the condition, naturally. This is a new Biofeedback approach to health which focuses on the DNA frequency and what we term Distortion frequency (all unhealthy conditions, pain and injuries have their own frequency which distorts the DNA frequency).

As people, who have experienced the benefits of the Sona-Med (our previously named version), have told us; "This is more effective, faster and kinder than any other [healing] technology on the planet. I know, I've tried them all."

Treatment Sessions last anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. One to four treatments usually remedies most conditions. That's it, usually. The condition is remedied and the person goes away enjoying life again. Some conditions, like Parkinson's Disease and hyperthyroid, take longer to relieve.

You can get an idea of what benefits our Vital-Eze technology delivers by viewing some of the videos from our Clinical Trials. You'll find videos showing relief from Alzheimer's (with hearing loss and balance disorders) Rheumatoid Arthritis (with neuropathy in the arms, hands, legs and feet - plus $1,000/mo on pain medication which barely touched her actual pain -after about a 1 hour session she was pain free after years of pain), Osteoarthritis, Parkinson Disease (with hearing loss and balance disorders), Parkinson Disease, Heart Disease, PTSD (with osteoarthritis and heart disease), and Vertigo.


DNA Clean Food

In January 2020 we finished our new food cleaning technology. This technology is an advancement in our technology to correct the DNA frequency in people.

We recognized a long time ago that the food supply was one of the catalysts of unhealthy conditions.  The food supply is one of those environmental conditions which can lead to ill health.  After all, we all have to eat but, our choices are managed with what is on the shelf at our grocery stores, or the quality of the soil, water and air in our gardens.  Even though a vegetable is labeled as organic, it may have been grown in a field that 10 years prior was treated with a chemical toxin.  The toxin is still in the soil.  It was never cleaned out.  If that's not enough, there is the poisons from chem trails contaminating our fields.  Those toxins are in the plant.  Everything we eat, except salt, is something which was once a life form, or from a life form, hence has DNA.

We have been working on a way to clean up the food supply so that it's healthier and more nutritious.  Since our food supply, plant based and animal based, comes from fields (livestock are fed grains grown in fields), which in the past were treated with chemical pesticides and herbicides, there are unfortunately still, chemical toxins in our food supply, including those labeled organic.  What's the history of these fields and the quality of the soil?  We're working with farmers to clean up  the soil in their fields, the DNA of their livestock and the DNA of their vegetables, fruits and grains.  In the meantime, to expedite this project of cleaning up the food supply, we came up with a new way to use our DNA frequency technology to clean up our groceries and thus clean the food supply from the consumer end.

We had to redesign all of our tech to accomplish this.  The results are impressive.  It works like this.  We bring our groceries home, put the whole bags on a newly designed mat and turn on our newly re-engineered main unit.  In 5 minutes the groceries are DNA corrected to nullify toxins and we put them in the frig.  The results are that the foods actually taste better!  We even experimented with a bag of Doritos - one of the more toxic foods we could think of.  Remarkably, the treated Doritos tasted good.  In comparison to the non-treated chips, the treated chips had more "life".  Fiona noticed that when she ate Doritos about 20 years ago until still today, she would get an upset stomach after consuming 5 or 6 regular, untreated chips.  But, now, with our new food cleaning process, she ate almost a half bag with no ill feelings at all.  We ran this same single blind taste test on others who responded that the treated chips "tasted alive and not dead [like the untreated chips]".  And, this result is achieved only by treating the food, for 5 minutes, with a frequency we discovered, which removes toxins to zero readings.  And these are the toxins which have been tested and seem ever present in our food supply today, including surprisingly and alarmingly large amounts in the organics we were buying and eating ourselves.  To be able to accomplish this food cleaning technology, we had to increase the output power of our main device by orders of magnitude and redesign the electrical properties of our mat, so the food could be "treated" in 5 minutes, not an hour, as with our Vital-Eze version.  Don't want the ice cream to melt on the mat.


The Future Technology Of Health Exists Now.

We no longer need to lose our loved ones to Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, etc.

There is a new option.

Contact us if you want to provide Clinical Services or have inquiries regarding treatment of a condition.

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Disclaimer: The Vital-Eze is intended for entertainment and research purposes only. No medical or health claims of any kind are being made or promised. The Vital-Eze is not intended or approved for medical use, yet.


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