The Science Behind

Our New DNA Frequency Technology

How can just frequency, alone, without pharmaceuticals, surgery or any kind of supplements correct a physical condition?

Actually, the answer is very simple.

Re-tune the DNA frequency back to its' original healthy frequency.


For millennia, people involved with health and healing, have known of the benefits of sound and frequency. Tibetan monks have used "Singing Bowls" to heal pain and disease for centuries. Others involved in the healing arts, used certain musical tones to do the same. Those healers trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine understand that each organ in the body has its' own resonant frequency and together, the organs of the body and the whole body has its' own resonant frequency.

It wasn't until 1989 when a team of Russian scientists, who were investigating the 90% of our DNA, which was thought to be non-functioning and labeled "Junk DNA", found out that our DNA is a very sophisticated and precise bio-language. They also discovered that our DNA responds to sounds around us. That's why the Singing Bowls and musical tones work to heal people. Here's a link to their data.

These past technologies didn't change the arrangement of the DNA nucleotides, they changed the frequency of the DNA and brought the DNA back in tune, in resonance, harmoniously. This re-tuning, if you will, allowed the body's natural healing abilities to take over and heal the body. Dis-ease was returned to ease.

Our scientists realised that since those past technologies didn't achieve a permanat result, that the DNA frequency signal must be a more complex signal type. They hypothesised that with a frequency signal type which duplicates the DNA frequency type, one would be able to change the DNA frequency and correct any unhealthy condition.

It goes like this: induce a complex frequency signal type, which matches the complex DNA frequency signal type and thus re-tune the DNA complete frequency signal to its' base, original frequency signal, with no "distortion" frequency (dis-ease) and the organism will return to its' base DNA healthy condition. They were correct. And, the change that occurs is dramatically quick. I'm not talking about changing anyone's DNA, just the DNA's frequency- back to its' original healthy frequency.

Our scientists realised that the Russian scientif team's research actually revealed that in the sequencing of the ameno acids, done by the DNA, there was an emitted frequency. Sequencing timing actually emitted a frequency, the DNA main resonant frequency. Our scientists took into consideration other facts as per TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) each organ has its' own optimum spin and resonant frequency. Therefore, a multi-frequency aproach was necessary. Actualy, a new composite frequency signal type was necessary to begin to test our scientist's hypothosis.

Our scientists realized that previous composite signal types achieved only moderate results. They theorized that the previous frequency based technologies only had part of the whole DNA frequency signal key. They also realized that a completely new frequency signal type was necessary, one that fully communicated with the DNA. Our scientists, viewing this as a biological Quantum Mechanics issue, constructed a new quantum model of DNA functionalitiy. They viewed the DNA as a quantum frequency generator for the wholistic physical body.

Our scientist's invented a completely new, complex frequency signal type, one which has never before existed in the history of electrodynamic theory. They realized the known electrodynamic laws and theories were inapplicable and unworkable for this task. The known electrodynamic principles were applicable only to the Standard Physics model but, were inapplicable to their Bio-Quantum Mechanics model.

The new quantum complex frequency signal type they invented, and patented, proofed itself when, our scientists rushed to a person in the adjacent room who had a severe emphysema conditon who made an unusually loud gasp and then proclaimed, quite loudly, that they could suddenly breath fully down to the bottom of their lungs. Our scientists, not to the point of actualy doing any actual testing, suddenly found themselves celebrating the attainment of success with their previously hypothisized and now newly realized and created / invented Technology.

Our scientists, being completely healthy, experienced little to no effect. From the exclamation of the person with emphysema, our scientists went over the their technical approach details to figure out what had happened. They then realized that they had not only succeeded in their hypothosis but, in fact, had opened a new door to a new Bio-Quantum science.

Now, we're not going to give away the baby and disclosing how to construct our new proprietary patented technology. We're not going to tell you how to generate our complete complex Quantum DNA frequency signal and we're not going to go over the math involved. But, we will give you a clue as to its' properties. Lookup the Phantom DNA Effect.

Our proprietary, patented signal type duplicates the complex DNA signal type, as proven and diminstrated on our Videos page. Those type of results have never before been realized and all have been permanant to this day, and some of those videos were taken two years ago. The written testimonial on the home page was 12 years ago. Proof of permanent results. Those people are still today enjoying good health.

To get your head around this, you must be able to consider that the body isn't as solid as you were told. In Quantum Mechanics, there is no such thing as a THING. EveryTHING is actually packets of energy with a resonant frequency. With that and the findings of the Russian scientific team, it is evident that the body is frequency based. The body is actually a composite of frequencies - DNA frequencies. Its' like an orchestra. It constantly is vibrating energy. The body has a resonant frequency as does each cell in the body. When the body gets injured or sick, the body's harmonious frequencies get distorted, overlaid with other frequencies, knocking it out of tune. The body returns to a healthy condition when the DNA has gotten rid of the distorted frequencies.

When someone takes a pain medication, for example, the medication doesn't correct the DNA frequency, it distorts the DNA frequeancy further. The medication merely masks the pain centers in the brain. This masking is only temporay, and more medication is necessary after the first dose wears off - about four hours. Then you have to take another pill. When you address the real problem creating the pain with the correct composite frequency signal and waveform, the frequency distortion is canceled, the DNA returns to it's healthy frequency and the pain "magically" disappears, permanently. The results have been that fast as to be magical. The body goes back to being pain free, happy and healthy. This happens in less time than it takes for the pain medication to get into your blood stream, depending on what problem was causing the pain to begin with.

In order to cancel the distorted frequencies affecting the DNA, one must know the signal type and the different DNA distortion frequencies involved which can address this distortion. The main question our scientist had to figure out was, what is the DNA waveform and signal type? They tell me it's not a square wave - the body is not digital.

Our scientists hypothesized, the most likely waveform and signal type would be a sinusoidal wave... or a complex composite sinusoidal signal type of multiple frequencies. As our scientists hypothesized, the composite DNA signal type is more than just multiple sinusoidal frequencies, it consists of multiple quantum energy waves, some of which are Time Reversed frequency signals. By using this approach, we have been able to remedy every unhealthy condition tested remarkably quickly and permanently, like no other technology.

We won't disclose the actual signal type components which were invented and how they were combined but, we just gave you a clue.

The next problem was to determine the correct DNA distortion frequencies used to remedy the unhealthy condition. These were found after several years of research and testing. At first, many different brainwave frequencies were tested. Some with results that were nothing short of miraculous. Other frequencies had little to no effect. The research continued to find the exact set of DNA distortion frequencies which would consistently produce a complete remediation of the unhealthy condition tested.

Finally, we read of Dr. Royal Rife. His research into cellular frequencies associated with disease opened a door. Dr. Rife discovered an amazing microscope which allowed him to look at cells without destroying them. He successfully was able to measure a diseased cell's frequency.

His approach to healing was to inject the disease frequency back into the body in order to kill the diseased cells. He used square waves to accomplish this. Square waves actually damage the cell walls and thus kill the cell. This was his approach of healing - killing the diseased cells. He then had the problem of getting rid of the dead cells (toxin) in the body. He was able to remedy many health conditions with his technology. But, his real gift to science, in our opinion, was his microscope and the list of frequencies.

Our scientists came up with a different approach. They considered that Dr. Rife had successfully determined and logged these different diseased cell's frequencies for many unhealthy conditions. Our scientists considered that the cell frequency was actually the distortion frequency to the DNA frequency and that the diseased cell's frequency could be canceled out by completely duplicating the unhealthy frequency signal type and feeding it back into the body, noninvasively. They hypothesized that these same Rife frequencies could be employed, with a different waveform and signal type, a signal type which matched the DNA signal type- a more natural signal type to bring about a change in DNA frequency, and achieve a kinder (without killing any cells), and a more complete remedy for unhealthy conditions. They likened it to a re-tuning - like re-tuning a piano back to its' original frequency. Their approach worked, consistently, with every condition tested. And, over the last 18 years, there have been a lot of conditions tested. Each was remedied, permanently, with only positive side effects (for example after we treated one of our clinical trial participants for her aching knees, she later reported that after her treatment she had forgotten to take her allergy medicine for several days, because her allergy problems cleared up - true story)

There are many different specific DNA distortion frequencies used in this technology. The DNA distortion frequency for vertigo took only 15 minutes to correct Natasha's vertigo. She has not experienced another attack since the treatment. She reports, she feels fantastic and life is great!

A year and a half ago, we got a call about a woman who was in the emergency room. She was having difficulty in breathing and had no energy to even walk. She was diagnosed with massive blood clots in her lungs and upper body. Most people die from this condition, in short order. We did a 60 minute treatment on her, in the ER, and she was able to breathe easily and regained her energy within the first 15 minutes of treating her. During her hospital stay she was easily able to complete the hospital's Physical Therapy and was soon released from the hospital with oxygen tanks and blood thinning medications, as is normal hospital procedure. She had several follow-up treatments with our technology after she was released from the hospital and after her first three treatments at home, she stopped using her oxygen - stating she didn't feel she needed it anymore.

She went to see her doctors for follow-up checkup's on her health conditions a month after, and then again at 3 months and a year after she was released from the hospital. Her doctors were amazed at her recovery and gave her a clean bill of health, not a sign of a blood clot anywhere in her body, no blood thinner medications needed, and no burdensome oxygen tanks to drag around. Two and a half years later, she still enjoys working in her garden, re-decorating her home and basically having a wonderful life. She's 75 years young.

We purchased a device , which was originally used to determine the health of Rusian cosmonauts. This device showed there was a 16 to 49% increase in the health of the DNA, chromosones and major organs of the test subject after using our DNA frequency technology in just 5 days.

This is the only technology on the planet which can accomplish this drastic improvement in a person's health.



The Future Technology Of DNA Health Exists Now.

We no longer need to lose our loved ones to Alzheimer's, Heart Disease, etc.

There is a new option.

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